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Our goal is to help you realize your vision while working within your budget.  We will find a solution that works best for your event!

a jewish wedding dance

Horah Machine

We specialize in Jewish music for weddings (Tisch/Bedeken, Chuppah, Horah and other dance music), Bar/Bat Mitzva,  background/dinner music, and general party music in many Western, European and Middle Eastern styles (Rock, Pop, Latin, Balkan, Serbian, Israeli, etc.)

Prices are generally calculated as follows: $100/hour/musician + $500 admin + sound system and technician (roughly 50/hr) + taxes 

These prices are for events in Toronto.  Extra travel fees apply for out-of town events at the rate of $25/hour of travel/musician


Some common configurations:

Two hours: Kabbalat Panim (meet and greet) + Chuppah ceremony

Three hours: Kabbalat Panim (meet and greet) Chuppah, Horah

Four hours and up: The whole event, including, Tisch, Chuppah, cocktails, two/three  dance sets and background dinner music.

Horah Machine recommends the 6-piece band for maximum Horah awesomeness.   Chuppah ceremonies sound best with a trio or quartet.

Questions?  Awesome!  Write to Lorie Wolf at




Horah Machine is now offering Traditional+DJ packages, starting at $2000 within Toronto, which includes 2 hours of traditional music for your Chuppah and Horah, followed by 3 hours with a DJ.  


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