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Our goal is to help you realize your vision while working within your budget.  We will find a solution that works best for your event!

"Lorie was super open to working on the fly and making adjustments as the night went on. All our guests kept saying was how fabulous the band had sounded."  -Haydn F.

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Some popular configurations:

Kabbalat Panim (meet and greet) + Chuppah ceremony (roughly  2 hours)

Starting at $1100 (3 piece band)

Kabbalat Panim (meet and greet) Chuppah, Cocktails, Horah/first dance (roughly 3 hours)

Starting at $3250 (6 piece band)

The whole event, including, Tisch, Chuppah, cocktails, two/three dance sets and background dinner music. (roughly 6 hours)

Starting at $4100

Traditional+DJ packages, starting at $2000 within Toronto, which includes 2 hours of traditional music for your Chuppah and Horah, followed by 3 hours with a DJ.  

Horah Machine recommends the 6-piece band for maximum Horah awesomeness.  Chuppah ceremonies sound best with a trio or quartet.

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